Keep Your Trees Tidy

Schedule superior tree trimming services in Dayton, OH

Are you tired of managing unruly, overgrown trees by yourself? Would you like to see your home surrounded by a well-groomed landscape - without giving up your weekends to tree care chores?

Select tree trimming and tree pruning services by Liberty Tree Lawn & Landscaping in Dayton, OH. We'll trim your trees beautifully, so you can take back your free time.

How will you benefit from tree trimming?

How will you benefit from tree trimming?

Tree trimming doesn't just create a more attractive landscape, although that is important. Regular trimming makes trees stronger and healthier, too.

Here are several types of tree trimming services and their benefits:

  • Deadwooding - removing dead branches to prevent dangerous falls
  • Developmental tree pruning - encouraging healthy growth in a young tree
  • Crown reduction - thinning the crown to increase light and airflow
  • Vista pruning - increasing and framing your view of the landscape
  • Elevation pruning - removing low tree limbs to clear walkways and streets

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